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full name Beatrix C. Garraway-Henrickson comicverse Oracle date of birth & age 14 Feb 1984; 34 birthplace Manhattan, NY main residence Scotland occupation Early retirement relationship status "I know." pets Apollo, Athena & Artemis

Beatrix Clytemnestra Garraway was born on February 14th, 1986 in Manhattan and given up at the hospital when she was born, her birth mother running out and abandoning her as soon as she was able to, leaving the little girl without even a name. Beatrix ended up adopted by a wealthy couple that could not have children of their own, Adam and Leona. She grew up disciplined but wanting for nothing, as her parents wanted to instill morals in her but seeing as she was their only child, they also could not help spoiling her, paying for piano lessons, dance lessons, any and all things Beatrix showed the slightest interest in.

As Beatrix grew, she began to notice that her parents were not as happy as they showed outwardly. They fought in hushed tones in the confines of their home. Adam would bring up how Leona could never give him an "heir," meaning a son to pass on their family name. He grew bitter, jealous of his wife's affections toward their adopted daughter. When Beatrix was thirteen she was driving home with her parents after seeing the ballet (Beatrix's request for an early Christmas present) along with a small family gathering afterward, and even though her father was decidedly drunk, he refused to let Beatrix's mother drive. The end result, her father flew through the windshield, her mother couldn't be revived by the EMTs and Beatrix had a spinal cord injury that got her rushed to the hospital where she was told that the worst case scenario was that she would never walk again. After several surgeries and extensive PT, Beatrix DID learn to walk again but she was now an orphan.

She found herself now in the care of her grouchy uncle Jim, a man that knew next to nothing about raising a teenage girl, especially one that was still trying to find her way around as normally as she could. He missed his sister, was angry at his late brother-in-law and had no idea how to talk to the girl that had just lost the only parents she knew. So he did what he could, allowing her a bit of leeway in a world that made her feel lonely and scared and hostile. There was many a night at dinnertime that neither of them would say a world, Beatrix simply wheeling to her bedroom and holing herself up as she tried to learn about the blossoming world of technology, now that dancing was something she'd had to put out of her mind.

As the years passed, Beatrix came into her own, excelling at school and sports, namely swimming. She became part of both the worlds of the jocks and the geeks, toeing the line as she found her place. She was the go-to girl when something went wrong with some of the more wealthy students' computers or other bits of technology. When she graduated from her private school as valedictorian, no one was surprised and with her uncle Jim's blessing, she ended up at NYU at the Tandon School of Engineering pursuing a Bachelor's in Business and Technology Management. While this satisfied some of her curiosities, she found it stifling all the same and ended up branching out to Interior Design, loving the idea of making places over to present them in more aesthetically pleasing ways.

With both degrees under her belt, Beatrix moved back to Boston to help her uncle after he'd gotten injured on the job with the BPD. She did some freelance interior design, all the while dreaming of owning her own little coffee/computer shop where people could come to enjoy technology, read and chat about all the ways the world had changed now that smart phones and computers had come into being. She secretly worked on layouts for the shop, knowing that she'd put the money to use that had been left by her parents to do something that she truly loved. Her uncle Jim would sneak peeks at her designs, secretly scouting the neighboring areas for a place where Beatrix could make her dream come true.

In 2012, it happened. Jim put a blindfold over Beatrix's eyes and led her into the heart of Boston, presenting to her the building that would, within the next year, become Compugeddon. Beatrix had never really been given as thoughtful a gift in her life and as she broke down into tears, she thanked her uncle profusely for helping her make this dream come true. For the next year, the two of them plus a crew worked diligently to bring Compugeddon into the light. It wasn't until early 2014 that everything was in place and the shop could be opened. As she stood out front after cutting the ceremonial ribbon, Beatrix felt a sense of completion.

It was that day that she met a guy who twisted her whole world up, making her laugh so hard she snorted coffee, not a pleasant thing by any means. He intrigued her with his intelligence and maybe a little bit with his persistence as he found more and more inventive ways of just accidentally happening upon her shop at exactly the time that she'd be checking in or working in the back. So for the next year and a half, he became a part of her world, meeting her uncle and charming him just as easily, which alright, really wasn't all that easy of a feat. He was one of two people in the world that knew her middle name, not something she really liked to advertise. Beatrix found herself wanting to say the words, those three little words, but instead of doing so...she freaked and ran. Not her most bright and shining moment, but sometimes you just had to know when to save others from yourself.

After that, Beatrix focused less on romance and more on simply her job. She loved what she did, she loved the people she'd meet day in and day out, no matter if Mr "I Almost Loved You" kept flitting in and out of her mind and her life. She had close friends, she had her uncle, she had her business. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else would ever be as important. So Beatrix, she steeled her heart and decided to keep on keeping on, one day at a time. This lasted through the ups and downs until she found Philip Henrickson in early 2017. Then, ladies and gents, all bets were off. After a whirlwind courtship, the two were married on January 1st, 2018. Due to the increased stress of the shifts and his more animalistic side that he had to deal with, Phil left Boston and Bea decided to stay behind. She didn't last long without him, knowing that her heart had been claimed and the only thing she needed to do then was find her husband and remind him that he was a man, he was her love and he would never be alone.

Barbara Gordon was born the daughter of Roger C. Gordon and his wife Thelma in the suburbs of Ohio. Even as a young girl, Barbara wanted nothing more than to be a super-hero. Her best friend Marcy and she would spend endless hours designing super-hero costumes and heroic identities for themselves. At this precocious age, the seeds of Barbara's future crime-fighting career began to foment. When Barbara was 13, her mother and father were tragically killed in an automobile accident (due largely to her father's drinking problem). Barbara adjusted as well as she could. After the accident, her uncle, Jim Gordon, adopted the orphaned Barbara. Jim and his wife (also named Barbara) lived hundreds of miles east in Gotham City, where James worked as the police Captain. Barbara immediately became infatuated with the Gotham City's most legendary phantom of the night: the Batman. (source)

  • Plays hard rock when she's angry
  • Learned guitar & piano at age 7
  • Several scars on thighs, hip & back
  • Danced ballet from ages 4 to 13
  • Can't stand cake, prefers ice cream
  • Secret geek for LOTR
  • Not easily trusting
  • Secretly wants that white picket fence
  • Ungodly stubborn
  • Recovering alcoholic
  • Sings oldies in the shower
  • Reads in the bathtub
  • Likes: House of Leaves, Gone Girl, the colors magenta & navy blue, Heathers, Fight Club, In This Moment, Halestorm, Whiskey Sours, homemade mac-n-cheese, motorcycles, tantric sex, intellectually stimulating conversations
  • Dislikes: marshmallows, Hawaiian print shirts, clowns, guys who shorten the name Richard to Dick, pumpkin spice lattes, roses, lipgloss, reality television, Star Wars Episodes I-III, dubstep, popping gum, fuzzy socks