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beatrix garraway"This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel."
Jan 9, 2018 I've realized I have a thing for finding the light amid dark places. Here's to our first adventures of 2018 and many many more to come! #iceland #thrihnukagigur 330 48
Jan 7, 2018 Walking into the light, so to speak, and I don't mind one bit. I might be hypnotized. #iceland #falljokull 310 62
Jan 3, 2018 It's completely quiet on a late night walk and I somehow feel a little bit at home. #iceland #reykjavik 210 42
Jan 2, 2018 He told me that he had to give Scotland a proper goodbye. @splicecube, I think you done did it. #scotland #wildman 46 12
Jan 1, 2018 Do you think fairies live here? I do. Let's not disturb them. #scotland #isleofskye #fairyglen 220 28
Jan 1, 2018 I can feel the magic in the air. Can you, @splicecube? First day of a new year and it's perfect. #scotland #isleofskye #fairyglen 284 48
Dec 31, 2017 @splicecube, making friends wherever he goes. Happy New Year, peeps! 🎉 🎉 🎉 #scotland #isleofskye #newyearseve 268 72
Dec 29, 2017 Not a road less traveled, but a new road to embark on nonetheless. #scotland #isleofskye #adventuretime 230 28
Dec 25, 2017 My aunt Moira knows how to spoil me, even when I least expect it. Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄 #scotland #garrawayholiday #feelingloved 238 66
Dec 13, 2017 Less than ten days and these guys get to be my new buddies. This is how my aunt amps me up even more for visiting Scotland. Inverness, here we come! #fluffycows #scotlandlove 226 72